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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who will be the owner / provider / maintainer of the service?

The owner of the service will be the participating Social and Health Authorities. Depending on local strategy, the provision of services can be outsourced to private service providers. In any event the ultimate responsibility for the provision of services, their maintenance and enhancement will stay with the Social and Health Authorities.

Q2: Who will be the actual users of the service?

The actual users of the services can be broken down into different categories:

Q3: How will it be used (describe the typical usage case from users point of view)?

The elderly person will be asked to follow a routine of measurements with self-activated medical devices. The specific type of devices and the frequency of the measurement depend on the type of disease they suffer from and on the seriousness of their condition. Videoconferencing will be accessible through the remote IR control and will allow to select the person to talk to from a list of people belonging to their community of correspondents.

Q4: How will the service be sustained? Who will pay the cost? (e.g. end-user / public authority /mixed model etc.)

The cost of the service will be paid by Public Authorities in all the countries with a public health and social service system. In countries with an insurance based system, the service will be paid for by the health insurance or by private insurances subscribed by individuals.

Q5:Does the service need specific content? If yes, how is it provided, who provides it?

The service does not require specific content apart from the rules that define situations of risk or alarms for the Decision Support System. These rules will be defined by multi-disciplinary teams composed by physicians (General Practitioners, gerontologists, neurologists, etc.) and social service professionals working for the participating public authorities.


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