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DREAMING selected as one of the very few EU funded projects

The European Commission has selected the DREAMING Project as one of the very few EU funded projects, included in a video shot for the Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion. You can watch the video below.

Evaluation of the Scottish National Telecare Development Programme

Just as a further confirmation of how hot the subject that we address in DREAMING is. Here you will find a Power Point presentation about the evaluation of the Scottish National Telecare Development Programme at JIT Evalluation. For more information about this programme, please click here.

[02/02/2010] Trials in Germany

In the following, a photograph from the trials performed in Germany.

[16/06/2009] Danish plugfest starting

From Tuesday, June 16, 2009, we will begin to startup the users in the real HIS system. After having a little get-together with HIS in Rudkøbing at the big plugfest and education day. The first user from Strynoe was transfered over to the “production” system. The whole pictures are available here.

[29/04/2009] PSC3 Meeting in Berlin

Third DREAMING PSC Meeting held on 29th April 2009, Berlin. In the following, some pictures of the site visit and the advisory board meeting.

                                                     Visit to the Theodorus Hospiz Marzahn

                                                     The DREAMING Project Advisory Board

[15-16/01/2009] PSC2 Meeting in Tenerife

Second DREAMING PSC Meeting held on 15th & 16th of January 2009, Tenerife, Spain.

[09/10/2008] PSC1 Meeting in Langeland

First DREAMING PSC Meeting held in Langeland, Denmark on 19 October 2008.

[20-21/05/2008] First DREAMING Kick-off Meeting

First meeting with the DREAMING project team and the clients of the project hold in Trieste so as to discuss the role of each team member.


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