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Work Package 2: Dissemination

DREAMING Brief Guide and Installation Programs on the Creation of Application Videos

Format: DOC & ZIP
Size: 10.217.731 bytes (two items below)
Version: 1.0
Date: 29/04/2009
Description: Brief Guide on the Creation of Application Videos, mainly thought for the creation of videos with explanations making use of subtitles. The referred guide includes a list of the major (open-source) applications and utilities that allow addressing the more common video creation and management tasks. The guide also includes some TB·Solutions-recommended steps to create a subtitled video from screenshots and application videos, as well as some final remarks on the using of the procedures described. Moreover, all of the installation programs depicted throughout the guide are also available.

DREAMING Brief Guide on the Creation of Application Videos:

DREAMING Installation Programs on the Creation of Application Videos:

DREAMING Posters & Brochures

Format: ZIP
Size: 14.075.793 bytes (four items below)
Version: 1.0
Date: 15/01/2009
Description: Posters and Leaflets for the DREAMING project have been designed aimed at a wide dissemination of the project. They will serve, along with the project logo, as a first and essential step for the DREAMING project in achieving such a brand. The posters and brochures has been initially produced and agreed among partners in English. They can be downloaded below.


DREAMING Brochures:

Deliverable 2.1: DREAMING Dissemination Plan

Format: DOC
Size: 2.154.496 bytes
Version: 1.0
Date: 16/09/2008
Description: The Dissemination Plan intends to give high visibility to of the activities carried out in the project. Target audiences for this dissemination effort are the public and private purchaser and providers of social and health care to elderly people, social and health care professionals and general public.

Download: D2.1: DREAMING Dissemination Plan

Deliverable 2.2: DREAMING Website

Format: DOC
Size: 3.526.656 bytes
Version: 1.0
Date: 30/09/2008
Description: The DREAMING Website, which will be a living window of the project and will be constantly updated with the latest results achieved throughout the entire lifecycle of the Project.

Download: D2.2: DREAMING Website

Work Package 4: Functional Spec. Refinement and Guidelines Elaboration

Deliverable 4.1: DREAMING User Requirements

Format: DOC
Size: 503.808 bytes
Version: 1.1
Date: 10/11/2008
Description: This document sets out the user requirements, of both the elderly persons, and their carers.

Download: D4.1: DREAMING User Requirements


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