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Monitoring and Alarm Handling Systems

The personal alarm system is based on the combination of the following components:

Decision Support System (CenterSight™)

Data transmitted to the Contact Centre are received, analysed and stored by a Decision Support System named CenterSight™ which operates on the basis of a set of personalised rules which will be agreed with each pilot site and depend on the specific profile of each elderly person and on the type of problem detected.

Elderly-friendly videoconferencing

The videoconferencing environment is a software-based solution which runs on a standard PC-based Set-Top Box under MS-Windows or Linux and allows point-to-point sessions. To offer an acceptable quality of images the communication link must have a guaranteed bandwidth of at least 128Kbps, using ISDN or ADSL protocols.

The videoconferencing environment has been designed to function on any IP network and uses proprietary audio and video codec. The TV-like user interface does not require the use of a keyboard or any other PC-specific input device. Selections are made using a normal infrared remote-control.

The videoconferencing system is compatible with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard.


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